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G.I. Joe

  X-Men / X-Factor   Captain Britain / Excalibur  
  Batman / Detective   Mutant X  
  Green Lantern v3   X-Men: The End  
  Teen Titans   X-Men: The Hidden Years  

West Coast Avengers

  (in progress) Green Lantern v2  
  Punisher   (in progress) Flash - The Trial  

Spider-Man by McFarlane


(in progress) Who's Who

  Iron Man v1   (in progress) Warlord  
  Marvel Universe - Deluxe Edition   (in progress) Star Wars  
  Ka-Zar the Savage   (in progress) Wildcats v2 & v3  
  Masters of the Universe   (in progress) Emma Frost  
  Untold Tales of Spider-Man     Shelf Pics 1 & 2