Title Star Wars
# of Volumes in set 4
Description This set collects all of the major/relevant stories between the time just before 'A New Hope' and 'Union' set more than 20 years later. Most noteworthy, besides the adaptations of the three original Star Wars films (IV-VI), is the adaptation of the Timothy Zahn trilogy of novels, some of the first post-Return of the Jedi material ever published.
Featured Writer(s) Bruce Jones, Ron Marz, Thomas Andrews, John Wagner, Steve Perry, Rodger Stackpole, Timothy Zahn, Mike Baron, Tom Veitch.
Featured Artist(s) Dave Gibbons, Adriana Melo, Chris Sprouse, Kilian Plunkett, Ron Randall, Carlos Ezquerra, Oliver Vatine, Terry Dodson, Edvin Biukovic, Cam Kennedy, Robert Teranishi
Double-sided ads and back covers removed? Yes